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Amanda Burdick first came to Helms College because she had always wanted to open up a restaurant. When she walked into a bank to discuss her business ideas, it was suggested that she go to school first to help with her business plans. After that, she enrolled at the Helms Helms College Macon Campus.

Burdick graduated in 2015 and is now the Food Service Coordinator for the Georgia Industrial Children’s Home in Macon. “I was a cook for three weeks. The woman I was working with left and I got her job immediately.” Her favorite part about the position is the kids, because it lets her really make a difference.

Burdick lives a bit out of Macon and had been offered a couple of jobs that were closer to her, but the position at the children’s home really drew her in. Burdick loves her job so much that she’s reconsidering opening up a restaurant in order to dedicate more of her time to the children’s home. The staff loves Burdick too, saying that she is a “role model for all of us.”

She wants to see what the future holds, but for now, Burdick will continue making a difference for children in need.

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