Everything You Need to Know About Restaurant Management

Do you have a passion for cooking and a drive to develop professionally? If so, consider a career in restaurant management. In the culinary field, effective management is an essential component of every successful restaurant. With a Culinary Arts Diploma or an Associate in Applied Science in Culinary Arts degree from Helms College, combined with the following tips from our culinary experts, you can gain the knowledge and skills needed to get ahead.

Get organized

The most effective restaurant managers start each day with a plan. When you work in restaurant management, you have many responsibilities that require organizational skills, including:

  • Developing and maintaining a work schedule for all employees
  • Planning daily specials and other promotions
  • Keeping track of inventory
  • Balancing finances, including payroll

Being organized is one of the top traits of highly-qualified restaurant managers. If you don’t know where to start, it is helpful to keep a checklist of tasks you need to accomplish for the day or invest in a daily planner to write in key events and priorities on your calendar. There are also plenty of smartphone and computer apps that can help you get organized.

Learn to communicate effectively

Everyone who has ever worked in food service knows that communication is the key to all areas of the business. Knowing how to address problems with co-workers and customers is essential to maintaining the business—from washing dishes to restaurant management. Managers should know how to use constructive criticism to improve the work of their whole staff.

Be a problem solver

Frequently, restaurant managers must put out fires—both figuratively and literally. From dissatisfied customers to employees arriving late to mechanical failures, restaurant managers must stay on their toes and be able to develop quick and effective solutions to the various problems that may arise. In fact, highly effective restaurant managers make extra time in their schedules for problem solving and conflict resolution.

Creativity goes a long way

The fun part of restaurant management comes when you have the chance to develop new ideas for promotions, menu items, and other ways to think creatively and innovatively. Taking a pro-active approach to your business will bring about visible results in all areas of the restaurant and, in turn, will highlight your skills and expertise in restaurant management.

Get your degree in culinary arts

Helms College offers two distinct training programs that can help prepare you for a career in restaurant management. The Culinary Arts Diploma prepares students to launch their careers in the restaurant industry. After earning a diploma, you may go on to complete your Associate in Applied Science in Culinary Arts degree.

Helms graduates receive training in the skills needed to help run a successful business, including:

  • Chef training
  • Technical and theoretical knowledge
  • Management skills

The Associate in Applied Science in Culinary Arts degree program at Helms College will be prepare you for a successful career in restaurant management.

Gain real-world experience at Helms College

Through the culinary arts degree program at Helms College, you will have the opportunity to put the skills obtained in the classroom into practice. We offer an externship at two restaurants—Edgar’s Grille and Edgar’s Bistro—which are both located just off campus. Students work with experienced chefs and management to learn everything there is to know about working in the restaurant industry. When you graduate from Helms College, you will not only have the degree but also the experience needed to launch a successful career.

Learn more and apply today!

If you have a passion for the culinary arts and the ambition to pursue a career in restaurant management, the culinary arts program at Helms College may be perfect for you.

Take the first step to toward your career in restaurant management and apply today! The application takes just a few minutes to complete. Contact our admissions and financial aid departments with any questions you may have regarding admission requirements, special needs, funding and housing.

In less than one year you could have a Culinary Arts Diploma or be on your way to obtaining your Associate in Applied Science in Culinary Arts degree! What are you waiting for? Apply now!

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