In my wildest dreams…

If you would have asked me a few months ago would I consider working in a commercial kitchen at the Masters Golf Tournament, I would have said NO WAY!!

My husband and I have attended the prestigious event many times over the years, but never once did we consider what went on behind the scenes. So how did I come to play a small part of the most talked about golf tournaments around the world? It all started with Helms College.

As you can imagine, at my age going back to school was a tough decision. Prior to enrolling, I made several phone calls and visits to the campus. Each staff member I spoke with listened patiently to my concerns, answering every single question I asked. It wasn’t long before I knew Helms College was the right choice for me.
By the end of my third quarter the Executive Chefs of the Augusta National Golf Club were holding student job interviews for the 2019 Masters tournament. This was an amazing opportunity to work with the best of the best in the Augusta area. I had reservations and was extremely nervous, but I was not going to miss out and I am glad I didn’t!!

Helms College had prepared me for the best, most memorable 10 days of my life. While the hours were long – I was able to work under chefs from all over the country. It was also awesome to work alongside students from other schools. As a Helms student my skills were on point. I knew exactly when and how to perform at the standard expected. I was even awarded the 2019 Masters Culinary Team chef coat for outstanding performance.

Since enrolling in Helms College my culinary knowledge has expanded. Doors have opened and possibilities are endless, including the Masters.

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