Helms College: Decking the Halls for December Open Houses


Photographed (l-r): Chef Matthew Matusiak demonstrates how to roll pasta at Macon Campus's Open House. Admissions Advisor, Kim Brown, poses with a group touring the Augusta Campus. Chefs show off treats for the Augusta Open House.

AUGUSTA AND MACON, Ga., December 20, 2022 —

Much like preparing for the upcoming holidays, we decked the halls of Helms College and readied ourselves for our anticipated guests — potential students for one of our programs. College open houses are designed to show off the facilities, faculty and staff, programs, and resources we have to offer. Being a hands-on trade school, Helms College can SHOW prospective students the skills they can learn. Even better, how those skills can lead to careers.

Upon entering the Macon Campus Open House, one could see HVAC tools on display. Career and Student Services was ready to show how we help with job placement, career development, and so much more. Financial Aid was prepared to sing fa-la-la-la and show people how to fill out their FAFSAs (for federal student aid).

Chef Matthew Matusiak, one of our newest faculty additions, was the main attraction, as he performed a culinary demo in the Fishbowl Kitchen, nicknamed for its glass windows. Freshly made brownies and cookies were out for snacking, but everyone watched with rapt attention as Chef Matusiak showed how to make farfalle, known as bowtie pasta in the U.S., which means butterflies.

Chef Matusiak showed how easy it is to fold the dough for the farfalle and roll it through the pasta machine over and over to get the right consistency. Then, you cut the dough, and finally, you push each side together in the middle to form its famous shape. Our visitors grinned with delight as they were able to make a few farfalle of their own, admiring and tasting their handiwork topped with Chef Matusiak’s mouthwatering sauce. They peppered Chef Matusiak with questions and shared their own experiences in the food industry and their dreams for their futures.

As the group toured Edgar’s Bistro (the applied learning restaurant on the Macon Campus), Career Services, Financial Aid and Admissions, they chatted excitedly about what they had seen and learned. The Macon event was a wrap!

Our Augusta Campus Open House was another culinary connection for prospective students. Helms College not only offers general Culinary Arts programs, but also specialty programs such as Baking & Pastry and Culinary Operations in Resorts & Clubs.

Visitors took notes as Chef Kristina Dahl, our Director of Hospitality and Culinary Education, and other chefs showed how to make treat after treat during the demos. Chef Michael McKinney and Chef Nikiya Darch made creamy fettuccine alfredo. Chef Porschia Ross and Chef Jana Stewart made mouthwatering gougères, a baked savory choux pastry of dough mixed with cheese, served with pimiento cheese, and our famous Edgar’s Bakehouse cookies. Chef Donald Smith made delightful dark chocolate peppermint bark. Chef Rebekah Crans made a holiday favorite — peanut brittle.

Our Health Services School instructors also spoke with visitors about our Multi-Skilled Medical Assistant and Hemodialysis Tech program tracks. They covered the many skills students gain from the programs, and the various types of careers and medical organizations our graduates go on to work and thrive in.

These types of hands-on tours allow prospective students to see themselves not only at Helms College, but also to see where and who they can be upon completion. That’s the best holiday gift: Connecting people with their dreams and careers. Be on the lookout for the next dates for our quarterly open houses.

About Helms College

Helms College is a private, accredited, not-for-profit postsecondary career school licensed by the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission. Helms College provides a unique approach to experiential learning and career education. Named in honor of Rev. Edgar Helms, the founder of Goodwill Industries, Helms College creates opportunities for students to discover their strengths and build upon their knowledge, skills, and attitudes through extensive integrative and experiential learning. Helms College is operated by Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia.

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