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Alumni Association

The HC Alumni Association is comprised of Helms College alumni from both the Augusta and Macon campuses. As the number of our graduates has grown, the Alumni Association exists to help support the College’s outreach efforts to connect with our alumni. Our main focus as an organization is to provide information, programs, events, and services to HC Alumni. We help our alumni to stay in touch and stay informed.

Some of the specific activities they conduct include:
  • Connecting individual alumni to Helms and to one another
  • Providing opportunities for alumni, parents and friends to gather for events in their local areas
  • Designing alumni focused events
  • Networking and providing assistance to our recent graduates
  • Helping to promote and develop a positive public opinion of Helms
  • Recruiting the best and brightest students to Helms and to encourage children of alumni to continue the family tradition of attending our college
  • Providing volunteer service opportunities for alumni to assist with the mission and business of Helms
  • Encouraging alumni and their classes to raise scholarship for deserving students, as well as funds for college operations
  • Raising friends for potential fundraising activities and events
  • Attending commencement as alumni and welcoming their new fellow graduates
  • Maintaining the traditions that make Helms the unique place that it is

If you would like to become involved with the HC Alumni Association, please contact us at alumni@helms.edu

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