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Exploring a New Career Horizon: Why You Should Become a Chef

Does the kitchen feel like home to you? Do you love the energy and the organized chaos of everything and everyone working together?  Do you feel the kitchen is right where you belong?


They say a chef’s job involves a lot of discipline, hard work and patience. It does.  But if you are a creative individual who wants to be part of a tight-knit team, someone who finds joy in satisfying others’ needs, and gets excited at the prospect of beautiful food that’s perfectly cooked, then this career can become an avenue to cultivate your passion and feed your soul.


The culinary industry has developed in a myriad of ways through the years. Chefs take pride in the edible art that makes their customers come back hungry for more. Well-trained cooks and chefs are the main reason why restaurants and other foodservice venues are considered today as one of the fastest-growing businesses. People like to discover new dishes, exceptional flavors and cozy places to dine. You might wanna know further about the reasons for becoming a chef and become one of them someday. Your dream job is just a few blocks away.


What are the top reasons to become a Chef?


  1. There are a variety of career opportunities. Yes, your passion for food can get you somewhere grandiose. In a cruise-ship, an airline supplier, a lofty and posh hotel, an international stadium or the restaurant right around the corner. Food never goes out of style, and neither do the chefs. Around the world people eat out multiple times each day, and need someone to feed them!
  2. Employment of chefs and head cooks is projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026.1 On a more practical note, the culinary industry is in great need of well-trained cooks. Restaurants, coffee shops, and other foodservice venues quickly arise just about everywhere today, each with their own spin on food. The common denominator is well-trained cooks behind the scenes making it happen and executing the vision of the chef.  Without cooks and chefs, these businesses won’t work. They search for well-trained, passionate people to fill these roles.
  3. The privilege to craft edible art. Not just for visual indulgence, but also for knowledge and satisfaction. It is a chef’s job to learn about foods every day. Learning the characteristics of different foods and how they react under heat, cold, acid, salt, etc. are the building blocks of a good culinarian.  Beyond the basics, they then combine foods based on cooking characteristics, flavors, textures, rationality and seasonality.
  4. It can be your desired portable career. Lots of people today are searching for jobs that allow for a chance to explore and diversify yourself, not get them stuck within just four corners of the room. Cooking is a universal language so being a cook or someday a chef might give you the opportunity to feed your adventurous soul.
  5. Through your passion, you can make somebody else’s day. People love to eat! They will search far and wide for the next great barbecue place, or drive out of way just to get to that specific sushi bar, or ice cream shop, etc. They go in search of the next great thing, but what they find, in addition to the food, is enjoyment. You can be a part of that when you’re the one cooking the food.
  6. The chance to try new flavors and experiment with the creation of dishes. How exciting is this? While inside the kitchen from training to actual work experience, everyday is packed with learning opportunities. After learning the skills that are the universal language of cooking, and proving them as a rock solid cook, then you get to branch out on your own as a chef, try new things and become the decision-maker. Your solid foundation and creative input will be the key to your success.
  7. Food will influence you, consume you, inspire you. Food will keep you standing still to savor every last bite. Food will feed your cravings and satisfy your soul. Food is a cook’s best friend. Who wouldn’t want that?


Culinary Arts Programs at Helms College

Helms College puts it this way, “Food is necessity. And the Culinary Arts bring people together.” After knowing the top reasons as to why you should become a cook and then a chef, a big question ensues. What does it take to become one? At Helms College, skills, talents and motivations are honed into strong determination and excellence. One wouldn’t work without the other. The Culinary Arts Diploma or Associate of Applied Science programs2 will give you an education and a life experience that make the difference in your future career and allows you to become part of the Hospitality Industry.




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