Transfer Programs

We offer a variety of educational paths that can lead to successful careers in Hospitality and Tourism Management or the Health Services sector. Our partnerships with top universities guarantee a seamless transition for you to further your education and achieve your career goals.

Note: Program-to-program agreements are subject to change. Students are encouraged to contact Helms College's Center for Careers and Transfer for the most current information and guidance.

For more information on the agreements listed below contact:
Bill Dindy, Associate Vice President of Education: (706) 854-4718 |

College/University Description Program Area
Excelsior University If you've completed your initial health-related studies at Helms College, this program is a great fit for you. Delve deeper into healthcare systems and management, preparing for leadership roles in this essential industry. Your credits from Helms College are transferable to ensure a smooth transition to further your education and career aspirations. AS and BS in Health Sciences
Farleigh Dickinson University This program is perfect for culinary enthusiasts looking to expand their expertise in the broader hospitality and tourism sector. Build on your culinary foundation and take advanced courses in hospitality management, tourism trends, and business strategies. Your credits earned at Helms College will be preserved in this program-to-program agreement.

BA in Hospitality and Tourism Management (Culinary Focus)
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