The Importance of Hands-on Job Training for Medical Professionals

Medical professionals, such as multi-skilled medical assistants, have a lot to learn. They must know about the human body, how to perform basic medical procedures and how to help keep a hospital or medical office running efficiently.

The right job training program will give you the knowledge you need to be successful. There are many things, however, that just can’t be learned in the classroom. That is why the quality training programs, such as those offered at Helms College, recognize the importance of hands-on job training through externships and other field experiences.

  1. Some of the top benefits of hands-on job training include:
  2. Opportunities to apply knowledge
  3. Finding out what you do/do not like
  4. Building your resume
  5. Asking questions you didn’t even know you had
  6. Making personal connections and networking
  7. Potential job offers at externship sites

Applying Your Knowledge

Many skills that you learn in the classroom will be practiced on your classmates. Through an externship or field experience, you will get to try your hand at the skills you learned in the classroom in an environment where not everything can be controlled. Taking the vital statistics of a squirming five-year-old who is nervous about getting shots is a completely different experience than taking vitals on a cooperative classmate.

The hands-on job training that you will receive through an externship allows you to put your skills to the test with the guidance of trained professionals. A good externship will work slowly to help build your skills as you become more comfortable. Soon, you will feel like part of the team as you gain confidence in your ability to apply the knowledge and training you received to actual patient care.

Learning About Your Preferences

Multi-skilled medical assistants, patient care technicians and medical administrative assistants are employed in a variety of settings from dental clinics to hospital emergency rooms. The job duties of these professionals often vary as a result of the setting, and each setting has its own unique climate and pace.

Through externships and other hands-on job training opportunities, you will have the chance to learn more about the work environment that you are best suited for. If you thrive in a quiet, intimate and orderly setting, you may be more suited for work in a medical office. If you enjoy the fast-paced chaos of a hectic work environment, a hospital may be more your speed. Externships give you the opportunity to learn about your own personal preferences.

Building Your Resume

Make no mistake, the main goal of your training program is to land yourself a job. An important aspect of any job search is a resume that will catch the eye of an employer. After graduation, you will have the degree that vouches for your technical training and practical experience.

That is where the externship built into every health services program at Helms College will really pay off. Employers will move applicants with experience to the top of the stack. Experience shows a dedication to your field of study, an ability to apply your knowledge and a skill level that results in employers not needing to spend as much time in your job training.

Ask! Ask! Ask!

Most externship sites will give you provide you the opportunity to work with highly-skilled educators These are the people who are passionate about interacting with students and help mold them into true professionals. There is no question too basic, and the right trainer will have the patience to answer all your questions.

During your job training experience, you will get your first real glimpse of your new career in action. Throughout your experience you will be amazed at the things you never thought to ask in the classroom. So, ask away! This is your best opportunity to learn from those working in your career field.

Making Personal Connections

At the end of your job training experience, you should not just walk away with improved skills, you should also have connections with professionals that will help foster your career. Get to know people on a personal level, and you may find that you have a mentor for life.

That mentor can help point you in the direction of quality employers. They may be willing to write you a letter of reference, which will speak to your abilities in the field and not just in the classroom. As you start your career, having those mentors will also give you resources to fall back on if you need advice on how to keep your career on track.

You’re Hired!

The best part about externship sites is that these are employers in need of health services professionals. Your job training could turn into a job if there are openings, and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask! Let your site know that you are interested in employment opportunities after graduation. Be sure to work hard every day of your externship to show them that you are the type of person they would want to employ.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Externship

The benefits of the externship are numerous. So how do you get the most out of this valuable experience? Here are a few tips:

  1. Show up to work and learn. Be on time, be willing to jump in and show an eagerness to learn. Employers will notice those who are simply going through the motions and those who are truly trying to get the most from their experience.
  2. Make connections! Eat lunch with colleagues, ask about their kids and show a genuine interest in what they do. The people you meet in job training experiences are often more valuable than the knowledge gained.
  3. Branch out. Take this opportunity to learn about as many aspects of your new career as you can. Shadow anyone at the externship site who is willing to let you shadow them and learn as much about the different roles each team member plays as possible. This will make you a well-rounded professional who really understands the inner workings of the medical field.

The first step to getting started on this journey is to get enrolled in the perfect training program. Helms College offers many health services programs, all of which have an externship component. The programs at Helms College will help you graduate as a well-rounded health services professional who is ready to enter the job market! Apply today to begin!

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