Helms College Explores Culinary and Hospitality Career Paths

Macon-GA-culinary-arts-school-Helms-CollegeThe culinary career trend is sweeping the nation. Being a chef has become as cool as being a rock star, but the perception of glamour associated with the job can be misleading as it gives the impression reaching star status as a chef is easy.

Choosing a career path can be quite daunting, especially with a career that requires an investment in training and internship in order to reach your goals. The popularity of culinary and hospitality-related careers has also made the industry very competitive. There are many avenues available to students that go beyond becoming a culinary star. According to Irena Chalmers’ book, 150 Great Jobs for Culinary Students, Career Changers and FOOD Lovers, there are literally hundreds of career paths within the industry. Here are a few listed from Chalmers’ book:

Helms-College-Macon-students-at-the-VIP-preview-for-the-Spirits-of-October-2013Airline Chef, Banquets Chef, Butcher, Cake Designer, Caterer, Chef Instructor, Cruise-Ship Chef, Dietitian, Event Planner, Food Stylist, Master Chef, Personal Chef, Pastry Chef, Restaurant Consultant and Sous Chef.

Interest in cooking in, dining out, and other culinary and gustatory pursuits has elevated the food service industry to the nation’s largest private-sector employer (second only to the federal government). The United States, alone, will generate $7.2 trillion in the culinary and hospitality industry during the next five years. Meanwhile, 80 million households can tune in to watch the Food Network as shows like Top Chef draw an audience of all ages.

In this highly competitive industry, however, dedication can pay off as new restaurants are opening every day to provide jobs and help build careers.  Here in Georgia, restaurants play a vital role in local communities throughout the state. There are currently 446,600 restaurant and food service jobs in Georgia, which accounts for 10 percent of employment in the state. These numbers are expected to grow substantially within the next 10 years to nearly 16 percent, adding 69,900 additional jobs.

Helms College Culinary and Hospitality Training

For those considering a culinary or hospitality career, the bottom line is that food is a necessity. And the culinary arts bring people together.

HelmsCollegeEven for the greatest chefs, talent is not the only way to success. Along with your cooking talent comes just as much hard work and dedication. At Helms College, our Culinary Arts Diploma or Associate of Applied Science programs will provide you with an opportunity to embrace your talent and develop the culinary techniques necessary to take you to the next level in the hospitality industry. Contact us today at helms.edu to learn more!

“This is my advice to people: Learn how to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and, above all, have fun.” – Julia Child


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