Why Finding a Healthcare Career Path that Works for You is Easy

Have you ever thought about a healthcare career? Chances are, you’re fascinated by medicine and technology, and you have a long-standing desire to help other people. With a healthcare career, you have greater flexibility in terms of hours as compared to similar jobs at the same pay scale, and people who begin these careers often stay in them for a longer amount of time, compared to other careers.1 There is stability as well, since no matter the economic climate, everyone needs health care.

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to consider a job in the field; however, you may not know where to start.

Well, look no further, because Helms College can help. With a variety of training programs for whatever your interest may be, you can work toward starting your fulfilling career. Here, you can prepare for a healthcare career that requires responsibilities ranging from filing important medical documents to implementing quality control for medical equipment. It all depends on what you want to do.

Which Healthcare Career Should You Choose?

Are you the most organized person in the room? Are you the person trusted with splitting the checks at dinner and booking the plane tickets? Then you might be interested in becoming a medical administrative assistant.

This career allows you to improve the quality of health care, while increasing its effectiveness. Not only can you assist with creating excellent individual health care, but keeping effective files can be the key to distinguishing patterns of chronic illness among patients. Other tasks include:

  • Establish and maintain patient charts
  • Answer phones
  • Schedule appointments
  • Prepare bills
  • Perform basic bookkeeping
  • Complete insurance forms
  • Access electronic health records
  • Perform medical coding and billing

Maybe, though, you want to work a little more with your hands while also making use of your organization skills. In that case, you may enjoy working as a multi-skilled medical assistant.

To succeed in this healthcare career, you should be attentive to detail both with administrative work and patient care. This way, you can help provide the highest standard of health care.

Other responsibilities are:

  • Prepare patients for examinations
  • Obtain vital signs
  • Assist with first aid
  • Collect and prepare specimens
  • Perform EKGs
  • Greet patients
  • Take medical histories
  • Answer phones
  • Schedule appointments
  • Prepare bills
  • Provide basic bookkeeping
  • Complete insurance forms
  • Understand electronic health recordkeeping

Of course, maybe for you, helping nurses work with patients is the most rewarding way to help the health care industry. In that case, you should look into becoming a patient care technician.
As a patient care technician, you would:

  • Perform nursing assistant duties
  • Obtain vital signs
  • Collect and prepare specimens
  • Perform EKGs, phlebotomy and other laboratory procedures

What Training Do You Need?

Perhaps you’re not in the market for a bachelor’s degree right now. You simply don’t have the time or inclination to spend four years in school. Lucky for you, there is another solution that can increase your marketability and raise your competitiveness in the job market.

Helms College offers a career program for the healthcare career you want. With training programs that are flexible to your schedule, you can complete a program that works for you and jump right into your new career.

Our health programs are specified to each career, so you can be prepared before you enter the job market in your chosen profession. And with onsite experience so you can get practical knowledge and feel confident your first day on the job.

No matter where you want to go with your dental career or your healthcare career, Helms College can help get you started on the path to success. Start building your future today and apply now to Helms College!

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