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Michelle Towler

A distinguished alumna of Helms College, Chef Michelle Towler, has come full circle, returning to the classroom to share her culinary expertise. With a profound love for nurturing aspiring chefs, she effortlessly combines her passion for cooking and baking. Once revered as a faculty member at the esteemed Helms College School of Hospitality, Chef Towler now finds joy in inspiring young minds at Concordia Lutheran High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to pursue their culinary dreams.

Dream Chaser

Scottie Johnson

After dedicating 27 years to military service, Chef Scottie Johnson embarked on a new adventure in the culinary world upon retirement. Opting for Helms College due to its proximity to his Warner Robins home and its provision of the structured environment he sought, he found his calling. Today, Chef Johnson thrives as a private chef operating Blessed and Highly Flavored Cuisine. Additionally, he has authored two notable books: "See a Route and Run It" and "Devotions of a Chef."

Dream Chaser

Lane Richardson

Growing up with a single mother, Chef Lane Richardson embraced cooking as a way to lend a hand at home. The joy of preparing small meals for his family ignited a passion within him, propelling him towards a life of crafting culinary wonders. His enrollment at Helms College transformed his dreams of becoming a chef into a tangible reality. Today, he stands proudly as the head chef of Dovetail, an esteemed and lauded restaurant in Macon.

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When you donate to Goodwill of Middle Georgia & the CSRA and Helms College, YOU are empowering students to achieve their education goals and fulfill their dreams. Every contribution counts as we come together to change lives through education for deserving people in our community.

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